Non-White Elephants

Black Republicans exist, and they can teach us something about ourselves.

By Austin Belali

The Wrong Trump Debate

What The Week misses about Trumpism and nationalism.

By Nathan Pippenger

Discrimination Will Continue, But Who Will Notice?

Despite their long history of preventing discrimination, federal election observers will be mostly absent from polling stations this year—at a time when the assault on voting rights is particularly acute.

By Julie Fernandes

Can Better Training Solve Cops' Implicit Biases?

To change how police interact with communities, we must first transform how they are trained. But can it work?

By Lorie Fridell

The Last Hurrah of the "Silent Majority"?

Richard Nixon found electoral victory by appealing to the racial, economic, and moral anxieties of white Americans—a strategy Trump is seemingly trying to replicate. But will it work?

By Michael Javen Fortner