America’s Other Freedom

Today, Americans need not just freedom from. We need freedom to. And it starts with an economic bill of rights.

By Mark Paul

Freedom’s Just Another Word...

For decades, we’ve been told markets will free us. Now, finally, we’re realizing we need freedom from the market’s worst ravages.

By Molly Michelmore

Let Freedom Ring

With many Americans finally more open to government intervention, it’s time again to push the left-Rooseveltian meaning of freedom.

By Sophia Crabbe-Field

The Battle of Ideas in the New Gilded Age

Freedom's just another word for being left to defend yourself against impersonal economic forces that will crush you like a bug.

By Nathan Pippenger

Freedom and 9/11

One of the major consequences of 9/11 has been its dreadful impact on the nations conception and experience of freedom, its core secular value. Nearly all Americans consider themselves to be very free regardless of class and ethnicity, although what...

By Orlando Patterson