Scalia Was Wrong On Gun History, But That's Not The Point

New findings suggest that Scalia's Heller opinion was mistaken about the phrase "bear arms," but that's no reason to replicate originalist arguments.

By Nathan Pippenger

The Kids' Crusade

Will a generation accustomed to instantaneous results keep up the fight for gun control?

By Kevin Mattson

Will Public Opinion Turn Against Assault Weapons?

Americans favor certain kinds of gun control measures, but they're somewhat divided on the most effective ones.

By Nathan Pippenger

Vox Answers the Gun Question that Nobody Asked

The "Second Amendment as tyrant-killer" argument gets the explainer journalism treatment.

By Nathan Pippenger


The gun industry and lobby have a stranglehold on our politics, but a rhetorical shift by gun-control advocates could help break it.

By Diana Wueger