Democracy Is What We Make of It

In other words, institutions won't save us: We have to save them.

By Nathan Pippenger

German Lessons

Should progressives frustrated with our democracy pine for a parliamentary system? In a word—nein.

By Clay Risen


How do you solve a problem like the Senate?

By Julian E. Zelizer

Expand the House of Representatives

The Founders intended the House of Representatives, with its small districts and frequent elections, to be the pulse of American democracy. But todays House often has no measurable pulse at all, its arteries clogged with special interest agendas and self-satisfied...

By Larry Sabato

Public Diplomacy Cabinet Post

If our time is truly the "information age," why are we conducting our foreign policy as though we dont believe it? Evidence abounds showing that borderless, near-instantaneous flows of information have a significant impact on international public opinion, and as...

By William Galston