Clay Risen

Race, Revisionism, and National Review

If nothing else, Kevin Williamsons article is instructive because it points up a depressing fact about American political culture. We cheer on Republicans or Democrats like we do sports teams, with little appreciation for the underlying values they claim to represent. Thats hardly news, but Williamsons anachronistic ignorance takes it to an absurd extremepresenting incoherent revisionism without actually understanding the history hes trying to rewrite.

The Fire Last Time

The Chicago riots of 1919 and the civil rights movement before Rosa Parks.

German Lessons

Should progressives frustrated with our democracy pine for a parliamentary system? In a word—nein.

Playground Politics

American education policy isn't the problem. It's education politics that needs to change.

Conscience of a Constructor

Why it matters when good architects take on big projects for bad governments.